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This is the page for the festival. You may be looking for the episode.

Leyla: "Game of Horns?"
Dak: "That sounds fun."
Hannahr: "It's not what you think. Anyone can challenge Duggard to be the new chief of Huttsgalor, and wear the Chiefly Helmet of Chiefdom."[src]

Game of Horns is a competition for the title of chief, that originates from Huttsgalor.


In "Game of Horns", Duggard the Decisive announces the beginning of the Festival of Festivals and asked the townsfolk if anyone wanted to play the titular event. Magnus Finke, Elbone, and Ottil volunteered, so the chief announced the beginning of the games. He asked the Rescue Riders to place the Chiefly Helmet of Chiefdom out of the reach of any Viking until the end of the games. The following day, Magnus showed up at the start of the competition with his Mechano-Dragon, which he used to win the first three events, much to the Rescue Riders' annoyance. However, they couldn't do anything, as there was no rule against Magnus using his invention. Seeing how Duggard was scared of losing the competition, Leyla asked the chief to adopt her and her brother, who, according to the rules of the game, could help him by any means. The Rescue Riders helped Duggard win some events, until he and Magnus were at a tie. The last event, the Race of Doom, was carried out the following day, and Duggard's team managed to win at the last second. Hannahr gave Duggard the Chiefly Helmet of Chiefdom and announced him as chief in front of the townspeople, concluding the Game of Horns.


In the Game of Horns there are 52 events.

The ones shown are:

1. Archery

2. Nail Driving

3. Tree Climbing

4. Boulder Toss

5. Apple Picking

6. Sculpting

7. Chicken Calling

8. Fancy Dancing

9. Fishing

10. Cooking

11. The Race of Doom


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