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Welcome to the Game of Horns! May the best Viking win!
  Duggard the Decisive  

"Game of Horns" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


At a big town festival, Magnus challenges Duggard in a competition to be chief of Huttsgalor! Can the Riders help their friend keep his helmet?

Major Events

  • In this episode, Chief Duggard decided to adopt Dak and Leyla.


GOH - As fast as you can.jpg

In the morning, Dak and Leyla prepare a new exercise for the dragons, by arranging different coloured targets that they have to shoot fast at command. Burple claims that the task is easy, yet fails to hit the targets under pressure. The other dragons try as well, and they all manage to hit their targets. When it is Burple's turn again, he misses completely, admitting that he doesn't do well when stressed. Just then, a horn blows from the village, so the Rescue Riders head to town to see what was happening.

GOH - May the best Viking win.jpg

In the front of the Great Hall, Duggard the Decisive announces the beginning of the Festival of Festivals, with Hannahr explaining its importance to the Rescue Riders. Duggard asks if anyone is interested in the Game of Horns, and Magnus wishes to participate. The chief then announces the beginning of the games and place his helmet on the Great Hall. Just then, Elbone and Ottil express their desire to participate as well. Duggard appoint Hannahr as the referee and wishes good luck to his challengers.

GOH - Now if you'll excuse me.jpg

After the announcement, Duggard retreats into the Great Hall, followed by the Rescue Riders. Dak and Leyla assure him that he will win the competition, although Duggard has great doubts, saying that his opponents have great skills, even Ottil. Dak then asks him how he had won the Game of Horns before, so Duggard explains that he was lucky because the other competitor got sick. Both Dak and Leyla encourage the chief, so he becomes more confident and leaves to prepare for the competition.

GOH - Competitors to your places.jpg

The next day, Duggard and Elbone do physical exercises, just as Hannahr announces the beginning of the Game of Horns. She calls the participants for the first event: archery. Magnus arrives with his Mechano-Dragon and lands near Ottil, who immediately faints. Hannahr disqualifies Ottil from the competition, just as Dak and Leyla claim that it is unfair for Magnus to use the machine. However, Hannahr claims there is no rule against it, and starts the event. Elbone misses the target completely, Duggard hits close to the middle, and Magnus gets a perfect hit, winning the event.

GOH - Hannahr again blowing the horn.jpg

The next event, called nail driving, is won by Magnus again, who uses the Mechano-Dragon in order to hit the nail only once. The third event, climbing, is also won by Magnus, who is flown all the way to the top of a tree by Axel. Hannahr then announces that Magnus leads the competition, the score being 3-0-0. The Rescue Riders then realize that Duggard can't win against Magnus and his Mechano-Dragon, so they try to find a solution to it. Leyla then gets an idea from Elbone and tells the others to follow her.

GOH - Everyone in the hug.jpg

The Rescue Riders find Duggard in the front of the Great Hall, preparing for the next event, boulder tossing. The chief greets Dak and Leyla, then notices the Mechano-Dragon nearby, tossing boulders very far. Duggard runs inside the Great Hall, where he starts panicking. Leyla and the rest follow him, with the girl asking Duggard to adopt the Rescue Riders. Duggard agrees, stating that he always thought of Dak and Leyla as his kin. They all gather in a big hug, just as Cutter tears up in front of them.

GOH - Let's get to work.jpg

Later in the day, Duggard announces in front of the village that he adopts the Rescue Riders, much to Magnus' shock. Hannahr finds no rule against it, so she announces the Rescue Riders as part of Duggard's team in Game of Horns. Magnus then asks the rest of the village if anyone is willing to be adopted by him, but no one says anything. Angry at the situation, Magnus leaves, promising to win the competition. The following day, during the boulder tossing event, Cutter uses a shovel to toss a boulder much farther than the Mechano-Dragon, scoring a point for Duggard.

GOH - The crowd throwing flowers.jpg

The next event, apple picking, is won by Duggard, with the help of Winger who blasts a nearby tree. The following event, sculpting, is also won by Duggard. However, the chicken calling event is won by Magnus and Axel, who use the Mechano-Dragoon to amplify the sounds. The fancy dancing event is won by Duggard yet again, with the help of Dak and Winger. The fishing event was won by Elbone, making it the only point he won in the Game of Horns. Hannahr then announces that Duggard and Magnus have a tie and the winner will be decided after the last event, the Race of Doom.

GOH - All the dragons but Burple stuck.jpg

Shortly before the Race of Doom, Duggard thanks the Rescue Riders for helping him, but decides to participate on his own. However, after seeing Magnus' Mechano-Dragon ready to run, he asks the Riders for help. Unfortunately, everyone but Burple realizes they are stuck in Slinkwing goo, which was sneakily poured by Axel. Magnus reveals that he didn't use the goo on Burple because he didn't want to waste it. Leyla and Dak free themselves by removing their boots, so the girl and Burple run to help Duggard just as the race starts.

GOH - Boy am I glad to see you.jpg

Burple and Leyla quickly catch up to Duggard, pulling him up on the dragon's back. The chief is relieved to have the two by his side and assures Burple that they're running faster than he ever could. While passing through Thornbane Valley, Burple is slowed down by wild Tangle Vine, while the Mechano-Dragon runs with no difficulties. Inside the Boiling Springs Valley, Burple struggles to stay away from erupting geysers, while Magnus watches him in amusement. At the Icy Northern Tip, Magnus uses metallic spikes to walk his machine on ice, while Burple slides clumsily across the frozen river.

GOH - Magnus rubbing it in.jpg

Back in the village, Dak manages to free all the dragons from the goo, just as Cutter notices the Mechano-Dragon approaching. Magnus starts to rub in his victory, even activating a prancing mode for the machine. He stops just before crossing the finish line and begins to tell the townspeople a story from his childhood. Burple, Leyla, and Duggard arrive at the top of the cliff and start to lose hope of winning. However, Leyla reminds Burple of the time they saved the village from a large Belzium boulder, which gives the dragon an idea.

GOH - Having hopped on Winger and Summer.jpg

Burple tells Leyla and Duggard to get off him, so he curls up and starts rolling downhill. Despite all odds, Burple manages to win the race by rolling over Magnus, much to everyone's surprise. Hannahr announces Duggard as the winner, and the townspeople start cheering. Magnus protests his defeat, but Hannahr simply ignores him. She announces the Ceremony of Horns, and crowns Duggard with the Chiefly Helmet of Chiefdom. The chief claims that he only won the competition with the help of the Rescue Riders, so Dak and Leyla run up to him and hug. The three then jump on Winger and Summer, and they all fly into the sky, celebrating Duggard's victory.





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  • The title of this episode is most likely a reference to the TV show Game of Thrones.
  • The events of "Heavy Metal" are mentioned by Leyla.
  • To help him win the contest, Dak and Leyla get adopted by Daggard in this episode.

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