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This is a gallery page for "Where There's Smoke". Feel free to add related images. Please do NOT add fan art.

Returning Finngard to his mother

Duggard asking for the Rescue Riders to put out the fires

Putting the fires out and saving the sheep

Cutter and Burple seeing Magnus use his Sheep De-woolifying invention and Cutter trying to help get a sheep to go into the machine

Having Breakfast

Magnus accusing Cutter and Duggard telling the Rescue Riders the fires are back

Preparing to go put out the fires again

Putting out the fires again and finding out who set the fires

Catching Aggro

Aggro trying to escape and successfully getting away from the Rescue Riders

Figuring out how to find Aggro

Finding and trapping Aggro

Saving the sheep from the wolves

Aggro telling how she got stuck here, and then helping get the sheep to a safer place

Introducing the roost to Aggro, and introducing Aggro to Magnus and Duggard



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