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Saving Duggard from the wolves and saving Haggis

Preparing for breakfast and Leyla telling Aggro they know she is a part of the team

Aggro staying behind to keep the fire going while others get fish and Elbone telling Aggro about his new business idea

Elbone telling Aggro about an egg he saw while up north and them heading up to the Icy Northern Tip

Examing and freeing the egg and Elbone and Aggro getting into trouble

The other Rescue Riders returning to the roost and finding Aggro not there

Aggro coming up with an idea to try to get off the ice

Elbone making and ice fishing pole and it breaking after he hooked a tree with it

The Rescue Riders asking Duggard about Aggro and Elbone and learning where they may be

The ice that Elbone and Aggro are on entering a rougher part of the river

The Rescue Riders trying to find Aggro and Elbone

The dragon egg hatching revealing a Hideous Heatwing and finding out they are headed towards a waterfall

The Rescue Riders still trying to find Elbone and Aggro

Aggro and Elbone hopping from ice to ice but then needing a new plan

Having the small dragon try to heat up Aggro

Seeing the Rescue Riders flying over head and getting saved

Everyone safe and back at the roost



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