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Target shooting practice

Talking to Elbone and Elbone heading into the maze caves

Dak, Winger and Cutter going into the Maze Caves to find Elbone but get lost themselves

Leyla and Summer learning from Burple that Dak and the others went into the Maze Caves

Finding Elbone, but all of them still lost in the Maze Caves

Leyla come up with plans to rescue Dak and the others

Elbone realizing there is a full moon tonight

Leyla, Summer and Burple flying to the Maze Caves and choosing the plan they are going to follow

Elbone, Dak, Winger and Cutter still can't find their way out, and Dak comes up with a plan

Leyla, Summer, and Burple entering the Maze Caves, and finding Dak and the ohers

Everyone safely getting out of the Maze Caves



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