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Trailer Screenshots

Saving a scared dragon from a tree drill

Heading into the village and learning about Hoogenboo

Burple has a midnight snack and see the Phantom Fang holding Haggis

Dak and Winger trying to scare Cutter after the others leaving the Roost

Leyla, Summer and Burple checking out what Burple saw

Talking to Marena about the Phantom Fang

Burple trying to protect to the town and Magnus invention accidentally damaged

The Phantom Fang in Huttsgalor and Leyla proving the ghost is actually a dragon

Protecting themselves from the Phantom Fang

The fight with the Phantom Fang

Burple saving the day by hitting the Phantom Fang with a pumpkin

Discovering why the Phantom Fang attacks during Hoogenboo

Finally scaring Cutter


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