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Dive Practice

Getting fish from Elbone

Leyla making Seven Spice Seafood Surprise and then trying to hide it

Summer checking on Leyla, and then heading out shopping

Dak, Winger, and Cutter hiding the dinner, then heading to practice dives

Discovering Elbone is not on his boat

Dak, Winger and Cutter return from practicing dives to see that Haggis has eaten the special dinner

Meeting Gludge and discovering Elbone is inside Gludge

Dak deciding to try to recreate the special dinner despite being a bad cook

Telling Gludge what happened, and Gludge refusing to open his mouth

Dak attempts to recreate the special dinner

Trying to get Gludge to open his mouth, with the last attempt getting Summer accidentally swallowed

Elbone and Summer trying to fight their way out with Gludge starting to swallow his meal

Dak tells Leyla what happened, and Leyla comes up with the idea to feed Gludge Dak's bad cooking

Gludge swallows all of Dak's bad cooking, and has to spit everything out

Summer finds out about her surprise, and the Rescue Riders and Elbone leave the island


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