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Galegrinder is a Windgnasher that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

It is said that Eirik the Unscalded began his legendary adventures as a result of his beloved Dragon, Galegrinder.

Galegrinder, it seems, was sleeping near the top of Glittertind, one of the tallest mountains in Eirik’s home county of Haukadalr, when a butterfly landed on his nose.

The butterfly’s feet were covered with ragweed pollen, to which Galegrinder was tremendously allergic. The result was a fit of Draconic sneezing that was so severe, it started a mudslide that flowed downhill and destroyed the farm of Fritjof the Foul.

Fritjof immediately ran out and knocked Galegrinder over the head with a club, zonking the poor Dragon into unconsciousness.

Eirik, on his way home from a fishing trip, whistled as he walked down the path near the farm, stopping suddenly when he came across the unconscious Galegrinder. Mistaking the Dragon for dead, Eirik went into a rage and ran off to raise an army of his followers to get revenge. Fritjof raised his own army, and the two mobs engaged in a number of skirmishes that started to annoy the other people living in the area.

Cooler heads prevailed and the two sides were forced to meet in the annual Althing, where disputes were settled by popular vote. Eirik was in the middle of ranting about how Fritjof had killed his Dragon and deserved what came to him, but had his case severely undermined when Galegrinder arrived at the thing. The Dragon had woken from its induced slumber and was back to chasing butterflies.
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Physical Appearance

Galegrinder is bright yellow with orange shades and black bumps and spikes. His eyes are green.

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