A sure way to brighten any battle.

The Furtive Fleetsleet is a female Snow Wraith appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Few Vikings, trainers, or even trappers have even seen this elusive creature. Like a shark in the sky that must keep constantly moving, Fleetsleet flies high, high above the clouds, only coming down to eat. She even sleeps in mid-air!
When Fleetsleet does come out of hiding, she displays an incredibly heightened intelligence, understanding rudimentary communication with Vikings and learning at a rate unsurpassed by any other dragon. Such skills only add to the elusory allure of the Furtive Fleetsleet.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

The Furtive Fleetsleet appears to be yellow with a blue belly and wing edges. Her eyebrow-and-beard-like appendages are tinged with pink, while the small bumps on her body vary from yellow to blue. On her wings are stripes that appear to be a deeper color of her body's coloration.

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