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Aggro: Okay, Burp. Little left. Little left.

Cutter: Little right. Little right.

Burple: Is it left or right?

Aggro: My left. Cutter's right.

Burple: Oh, right.

Cutter: And left. Nailed it.

Winger: Nice drop, Burps.

Cutter: Don't forget about my incredible spiking skills.

Summer: Okay. Let's test the patch.

Dak: Awesome! No more rain getting in here.

Winger: That's the third hut we fixed this month.

Dak: We keep this up, they'll start calling us the Rescue Roofers.

Mrs. Borgomon: Help! Somebody help me!

Leyla: That sounds like Mrs. Borgomon.

Rescue Riders: Finngard.

Mrs. Borgomon: Finngard Braun Borgomon, you climb down from there!

Finngard: I can't, mom. I only know how to climb up!

Leyla: Don't worry, Mrs. Borgomon, we'll save him.

Mrs. Borgomon: Thank Valhalla you're here. I don't know how he got up there.

Finngard: Save me! Save me!

Aggro: I got him.

Finngard: Do a trick, Aggro. Flip or spin or shoot fire.

Aggro: Is this kid for real?

Mrs. Borgomon: Finngard, what do you say?

Finngard: Thank you. I won't do it again. Today.

Mrs Borgomon: You know, Finny, someday one of your stunts could get you into real trouble.

Finngard: Bye, Aggro.

Leyla: Finngard sure does like adventure.

Dak: Yeah. Reminds me of a young... oh, me.

Winger: All right, Rescue Riders, let's wing it back to the Roost.

Aggro: Did anyone else see that?

Burple: All I can see is my bed. And it's calling to me. "Burple, Burple, come sleep on me, but have a snack first." Wait, that last part was my stomach.

Aggro: You guys go on, I'll catch up. I know I saw something out here. Whoa! Fire Furies! I knew it!

Laburn: Sorry. Didn't see you there.

Cinda: Yeah. We were too busy being awesome.

Laburn: Heh. Woo-hoo! You okay?

Aggro: I'm fine. I'm Aggro.

Laburn: Nice to meet you, Aggro. I'm Laburn.

Cinda: And I'm Cindarnanopusflickerstaff.

Aggro: Huh?

Cinda: Cinda for short.

Laburn: Where's your flock? You lost?

Aggro: No. I live around here.

Cinda: You live in one place? We live everywhere. We never sleep in the same cave twice.

Laburn:' We're on an endless quest. An adventure that'll take us from the snowiest of mountains to the sandiest of beaches.

Aggro: What are you searching for?

Laburn: What else?

Laburn and Cinda: Fun! Whoo!

Laburn: See you around, Aggro.

Aggro: Do you have to go so soon?

Laburn: Sorry, the fun doesn't wait for anything.

Cinda: So, neither do we.

Aggro: Can't you have fun around here? I haven't seen another Fire Fury in a long time.

Laburn: Should we show her?

Cinda: I don't know. She's still kind of young.

Aggro: What? Show me what?

Laburn: All right, Aggro. You wanna have some fun? Let's have some fun. When I say go, shoot the biggest fireball you can.

Cinda: You've seen what two Fire Furies can do. Wait till you see three.

Laburn: Ready... set... go!

Aggro: Whoa!

Laburn and Cinda: Fire Furies forever!

Aggro: That was amazing! You guys gotta come back to the Roost and meet my friends.

Cinda: Got any fish there?

Aggro: Yeah. All kinds. Buckets full.

Burple: Huttsgalorian sea bass is my favorite.

Cutter: I thought yellowtail pike was your favorite.

Burple: It is. I have a lot of favorites.

Summer: Wonder where Aggro is.

Leyla: Yeah, she's been gone a while.

Dak: She's probably just out joy-flying. We did a lot of work today.

Winger: I think I hear her coming now.

Dak and Leyla: Mrs. Borgomon?

Mrs. Borgomon: I'm so sorry to bother you at dinner time Dak and Leyla, but I think I've figured out why Finngard is always getting himself into trouble.

Cutter: This is normally the moment when I get blamed.

Mrs. Borgomon: It's because of dragons.

Cutter: Bingo. Winner, winner, fishy dinner.

Leyla: Because of the dragons?

Mrs. Borgomon: I don't mean it in a bad way. Here, look at this. I found it under Finny's bed. It's all about dragons.

Dak: He's got notes about every time we rescued him.

Leyla: Oh, that is so sweet. He's made a sort of dragon diary like mine.

Dak: So, he keeps getting himself in dangerous spots on purpose? For that book?

Mrs. Borgomon: Yes. I don't know what to do.

Leyla: Hmm. I have an idea. Why don't we have a dragon day with Finngard tomorrow.

Dak: Yeah, then we can show him all our moves, safely.

Mrs. Borgomon: Oh, that'd be wonderful. He's gonna be so excited, I doubt he'll sleep a wink. See you tomorrow.

Winger: Sounds like a big day ahead of us.

Burple: Better fill our stomachs. Huh?

Winger: Where'd you two come from?

Aggro: It's okay, everyone. These are my new friends. Laburn and Cinda.

Leyla: They're Fire Furies.

Aggro: Yup. Just like me. I invited them to dinner.

Cutter: Yeah, that was pretty obvious.

Cinda: Boney, but delicious.

Laburn: Sorry, we haven't eaten in days.

Summer: Hard time fishing?

Cinda: No. We just forgot.

Laburn: We spent the last week trying to set a new speed record.

Cinda: Yeah, we crossed five island chains to get here. Nonstop.

Aggro: Yeah!

Dak: Winger, we gotta try that.

Cinda: Aggro said she was friends with humans who could talk to dragons, but we didn't believe her.

Winger: We're the Rescue Riders. If we're not saving dragons in need, we're helping the people of Huttsgalor.

Cinda: Sounds like a lot of work. When do you have any fun?

Leyla: Saving dragons and helping people is fun.

Laburn: Doesn't sound like it.

Cinda: Nope.

Winger: Well, Welcome to the Roost. Any friend of Aggro's is a friend of ours.

Summer: Feel free to stay the night. We have plenty of space.

Laburn: Oh, we don't wanna intrude.

Aggro: There's plenty more fish.

Cinda: But if you insist...

Laburn: Come on, we'll show you how Fire Furies light the night. Ready?

Cutter: To do what? Crash into some trees?

Winger: I can't see a thing. Whoa!

Cinda: Yeah!

Winger: Oh, wow!

Dak: This is great!

Leyla: Aggro, I did not know you could do this.

Aggro: Neither did I.

Aggro, Laburn and Cinda: Fire Furies forever!

Dak: Yippee! This is awesome!

Cutter: Awesome and exhausting. I need my beauty sleep.

Leyla: Oh, Aggro. We're giving Finngard a dragon day to show him our powers.

Aggro: I'll be there.

Winger: Yeah, I better get some sleep, too, or my only power tomorrow will be super snoring.

Aggro: You guys coming?

Cinda: No way . We're just getting started.

Laburn: Yeah, there's plenty of time to sleep.

Cinda: Come on, stay up and have more fun.

Laburn: Fire Furies forever, right?

Cutter: How long are they gonna keep this up?

Summer: It is pretty loud when we're trying to sleep.

Aggro, Laburn and Cinda: Fire Furies forever!

Leyla: Can we sleep down here?

Dak: It's too noisy in the lighthouse.

Winger: It's not much better in here.

Dak: Alright, might as well lie awake in my own bed.

Cutter: None of us are gonna get any sleep tonight.

Winger: Well, most of us won't.

Cutter: Whoa, what happened here? Haggis, too?

Burple: What a beautiful morning. Oh.

Leyla: Oh, no.

Cutter: Wha...

Leyla: The zip line.

Dak: Coming down!

Winger: No, Dak! Don't!

Aggro: Sorry, Dak. We had a little problem with the zip line last night.

Dak: That's okay. It was kind of fun. Dangerous, but fun.

Aggro: Also, sorry about the mess. Guess we had a little too much fun.

Cutter: Yeah, we heard.

Aggro: I'll clean it all up and fix the zip line for sure.

Leyla: Oh, don't forget, today's dragon day with Finngard.

Summer: And he's definitely gonna wanna learn about Fire Furies, too.

Aggro: Yeah, I can't wait. I'll clean up fast. And I'm sure my new friends will help.

Leyla: Okay. See you down there.

Aggro: Hey, guys. Wake up! I could use a little help cleaning.

Laburn: Cleaning?

Cinda: What's that? Does it involve breakfast?

Aggro: No. It's what you do after you make a mess.

Laburn: That doesn't sound like fun.

Cinda: It sounds like work.

Aggro: Come on. The faster we go, the faster we'll be done.

Laburn: There. That's clean, right?

Cinda: Looks good to me.

Laburn: Hey, Aggro, let's go. Adventure awaits.

Aggro: Wow! You guys clean fast. But wait, I still have to fix the zip line.

Cinda: But that's gonna take all morning.

Laburn: Unless, we help her.

Cinda: The torch?

Laburn: You know it.

Aggro: Another thing I didn't know we could do.

Cinda: We know tons of cool stuff like that.

Aggro: Can you teach me?

Laburn: Totally. But first, we cleaned your Roost. Now it's time to have some fun.

Aggro: But I'm supposed to... I guess I have time for a little fun first.

Aggro: Fire Furies forever!

Cinda: You think that's fun? Watch this.

Aggro: Yeah! This is way more fun than I had last time I was on the ice.

Cinda: Stick with us, Aggro, 'cause we're cool.

Laburn: Make that really cool.

Cinda: Very funny. Wanna go again?

Aggro: You know it.

Burple: Strike! Whoa.

Finngard: Wow!

Dak: Nice shot, Burps.

Cutter: My turn! Sharpest tail in Huttsgalor.

Finngard: That was amazing!

Leyla: Having fun, Finngard?

Finngard: Yeah! Where's Aggro? I don't have anything for Fire Furies yet.

Leyla: Aggro had some work to finish up at the Roost. She'll be along any minute now. I hope.

Burple: You don't think she likes her new friends better than us, do you?

Cutter: Better than me? No way.

Dak: Come on, she's a Rescue Rider, she's one of us.

Summer: It's kind of taking her a long time to clean up the Roost though.

Winger: Don't worry. I'm sure she's headed down here right now.

Cinda: Oh, how I love a fish feast after ice-sliding.

Laburn: These are so good.

Aggro: Told you this was a great spot.

Cinda: The best. I could eat them all. In fact, I think I will.

'Laburn: Still trying the torch?

Aggro: Yeah, it's such a cool move.

Laburn: There's nothing to it. It's just like whistling. Use your mouth to focus the blast. Keep practicing, Aggro. You'll get it.

Aggro: Whoa, it's getting late. I gotta get to Huttsgalor for dragon day. You guys coming? Come on, it'll be fun, too. Thanks, you guys. Finngard will be so happy to see us.

Laburn: What's that? It looks awesome.

Aggro: That's Boiling Springs Valley. We never go there. It's pretty dangerous.

Laburn: You said pretty dangerous, but what I heard was pretty awesome.

Cinda: Let's go!

Laburn: But wait, what about dragon day? Laburn? Cinda?

Finngard: Wow!

Dak: Here we go, Winger! Let's show Finngard what a Swiftwing can really do.

Winger: Right with you, Dak.

Dak: Prepare for a triple blast!

Finngard: Wow, that was sweet!

Cutter: It wasn't that great. Okay. It was pretty great.

Finngard: That was so cool!

Dak: Winger only has three power blasts until he has to recharge, so it's really important to never miss.

Leyla: So that about wraps it up. I hope you had a fun dragon day.

Finngard: Yeah. I guess so.

Leyla: Sorry Aggro didn't make it.

Dak: Yeah. Something must have come up.

Finngard: That's okay.

Leyla: I promise she'll come down tomorrow so you can finish that chapter of your diary.

Finngard: Okay, thanks for everything. I better get home.

Burple: I can't believe Aggro didn't make it.

Dak: Finngard was really disappointed.

Leyla: She's just excited to have some other Fire Furies around.

Summer: I hope she's okay. Laburn and Cinda do seem a little wild.

Cinda: Try to get a blast all the way through.

Laburn: My turn.

Aggro: Be careful. Those geysers can pop up anywhere.

Laburn: Relax, Aggro.

Cinda: We're experts.

Laburn: At having fun!

Cinda: That one was a little too close. But still fun!

Aggro: I don't know about this.

Laburn and Cinda: Fire Furies forever!

Finngard: Fire Furies!

Laburn: Finally! Yes! Made it!

Cinda: That was fun.

Laburn: You know what'd be more fun?

Laburn and Cinda: Flying through ourselves.

Aggro: Or just heading home.

Laburn: Oh, you're serious?

Aggro: Come on. Those geysers are super hot.

Laburn: Yeah? And so are we.

Cinda: Yeah! Help!

Aggro: Hang on!

Laburn: Epic moves, Aggro.

Cinda: Thanks for the rescue, rider.

Laburn: Fire Furies forever.

Aggro: Forever or until we get boiled. You know what, you guys can stay here if you want, but... Finngard? What's he doing here? Finngard! No! Go back! It...

Finngard: Aggro! I found you! Aggro! Help! Oh, thanks, Aggro.

Aggro: Oh, no. Not good.

Cinda:' We've gotta do something.

Laburn: Do What? We're not rescuers. We're totally irresponsible!

Aggro: This is gonna be close!

Cinda: She came after me. We have to go after her.

Laburn: Fire Furies forever!

Cinda: I'm starting to think this wasn't the best idea.

Laburn: Don't worry. We'll get you out of here.

Aggro: No! Don't land or... you'll get stuck.

Cinda: Ugh. This stuff is stickier than it looks.

Laburn: Well, I'm out of ideas.

Cinda: What about your friends? The Rescue Riders.

Aggro: They don't even know we're here. But maybe there's a way we could signal them.

Leyla and Dak: Aggro! Aggro!

Burple: She's not in here.

Winger: Not here either.

Dak: Well, she did fix the zip line.

Leyla: I wonder where she is.

Dak: Haggis?

Cutter: Yikes. Not the best cleaning job.

Burple: You always just sweep the trash behind the Roost, too.

Cutter: Cause I'm not the best cleaner.

Dak: It looks like Aggro and her new pals were in a hurry to get done.

Summer: If they didn't come to Finngard's dragon day, where did they go?

Cutter: I think that mystery is solved.

Leyla: Yep. I think we know where Aggro and her two friends are.

Summer: Three blasts, all from the same spot. It almost seems like...

Leyla: A signal of some sort. Could be a call for help.

Dak: Wait. Isn't that right over Boiling Springs Valley?

Laburn: I like a hot bath as much as the next dragon, but not this hot.

Aggro: They're coming back!

Aggro: This is it.

Laburn and Cinda: What...

Aggro: Go, Rescue Riders!

Dak: Hang on, we'll get you out of there!

Finngard: Wow!

Cutter: Timber! That's how you do it, Cutter-style.

Leyla: It's gonna blow!

Summer: Look out!

Finngard: Nice move, Winger!

Aggro: These rocks aren't gonna hold for much longer. Get us out of the mud!

Summer: Did she say mud?

Finngard: Wow, that's so coo... That was awesome!

Laburn: That was close.

Cinda: Never thought I'd say this, but maybe I've had enough fun for one day.

Aggro: That makes two of us.

Laburn: Well, we should probably be moving on. We are Fire Furies after all. Hey, you wanna come with us, Aggro?

Cinda: Firefuries forever, right?

Aggro: I'm a Firefury, but I'm also a Rescue Rider.

Laburn: No worries. We'll catch you next time we're passing through.

Cinda: Save me some fish. No, save me all the fish. See you around. Whoo-hoo!

Laburn: Thanks, guys! This isn't the last of us!

Finngard: Show me another move!

Aggro: I'll show something even cooler. And by cooler, I mean hotter.

Finngard: Yeah! Wow! Oh, my gosh!

Dak: How did you do that?

Aggro: Nothing to it, Dak. Just like whistling. Yeah. Now you just add the fire and you totally got it.

Burple: Hey, let me try it. Yeah, I can't really whistle either.

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