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She's saved those of us you have put in poverty with your love of Dragons. [src]
  — Fuld  

Fuld the Fiend was the Second-In-Command in the Dragonroot Company and one of the antagonists of the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Encounter with Hiccup

The Dragonroot Company has spread all across the Archipelago. Every corner. Madame Maeve is safe. Her Generals have taken hold while you followed her bait. Our Feral Dragons are spread wide. Our Alphas stationed in every Region. Go back to your Village, failed Chief. A new power has risen from the depths. [src]
  — Fuld the Fiend  

While the player and Hiccup battle through wave after wave of frenzied attacking dragons in the Mysterious Marshlands, they encounter Fuld the Fiend, as well as Maeve, Matron of Dragons. Fuld accompanies Maeve and sharply reprimands Hiccup for not using her full title. He continues to chip in on the conversation when he feels that Maeve is not getting enough respect. It is later revealed that Fuld had romantic feelings towards Maeve, and held her in high regards until her betrayal of him and the company.

Physical Appearance

Fuld the Fiend appears to have a slight build with wiry muscles, a departure from the typical robust-framed Dragon Hunters usually seen. He has a bulbous nose and streaks of purple war paint over his blue eyes. He wears a helmet, which obscures his hair, if any.


Fuld appears to be a disgruntled former Dragon Hunter, angry at Hiccup for changing the status quo about dragons. He also appears to be extremely loyal and admiring of Maeve, willing to defend her and carry out her orders.


Memorable Quotes

You will address Maeve, Matron of Dragons, by her full title, you wormrider!
Watch your tongue, loggerblogger!
You're not as wise as the stories make you out to be.



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