He's loved me ever since I fixed his toothache, big softie. [src]
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Frostfang is a male Snow Wraith appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Whereas most Snow Wraiths exhibit an icy demeanor, Frostfang is a friendly and ebullient dragon — particularly during the Snoggletog season. He even joins the Terrible Terrors in singing off-key holiday carols from the village rooftops!
In the entire history of Dragon Training, Frostfang is the only Snow Wraith to ever be described as "cute". What's more, he's developed a special friendship with his favorite hotheaded Monstrous Nightmare, Hookfang!
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Physical Appearance

Frostfang is white with light blue highlights. He has a pink jaw, underbelly, and eyebrow-like appendages. His ledge under the chin is purple.

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