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Froglegs appeared in the Game, How to Train Your Dragon for the Nintendo DS, 360, and Wii.


Lost Armor Patterns

About one year after the defeat of the Red Death, the teenagers of Berk are training and completing tasks to compete in the Dragon training tournament on Thors'day Thursday. Astrid or Hiccup (depending on which character the player chooses) run into Froglegs in the Forest. Froglegs asks them for help finding plans for Dragon armor, which was stolen by a seagull. In exchange for help, Froglegs offers to copy his pattern for Astrid or Hiccup to use.

Hey, Astrid! Piglegs says you want armor patterns. Some seagull just flew off with mine. Help me find it, and I'll give you a copy.
  — Froglegs to Astrid  

Mentioned by Fishlegs Ingerman

In the game, School of Dragons, Froglegs is mentioned in the Quest, "Meet the Hairy Hooligan Clans". The player is asked to visit each of the Dragon Riders and find out a little bit about their clans, or familial House.

My clan members include Froglegs, Piglegs, and Wolflegs. Piglegs is really mad at Wolflegs right now, though, since Wolflegs keeps knocking his house down.
  — Fishlegs in School of Dragons  


  • Please note, there may be variation in roles of minor characters in the game, depending which main character (Hiccup or Astrid) the player chooses to play as.


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