Fritjof the Foul is a Viking who is mentiomed in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Skirmishes with Eirik

One day, Fritjof's farm was destroyed by a mudslide provoked by Galegrinder. Angered, the farmer hit the dragon in the head so hard that it fell unconscious. Believing his dragon was dead, Eirik the Unscalded started a war against Fritjof, who had already bulit an army of men out of his followers. The two men clashed against one another multiple times, until the wise people of Haukadalr decided to hold a meeting so that Fritjof and Eirik would stop fighting. While Eirik was making his statement, Galegrinder walked on the meeting, which helped Fritjof win the case. Afterwards, Eirik was banished from the island and Fritjof continued to live his life.


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