As blue as a summer's sky, and as graceful as a dancer. [src]

Frigid Galeslashes are a group of Deathly Galeslashes appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Incredibly intelligent, yet steely and aloof, the Frigid Galeslash makes training an exercise in patience. The key to befriending this dragon is for the rider wait quietly in the cold nearby, sometimes for hours on end. Eventually, the Galeslash learns to respect the rider, and its heart thaws enough to allow bonding to begin.
Although they have inherited some vanity from the Nadder side of the family, the Frigid Galeslash is in no rush to prove itself against larger dragons. They would rather confuse or blind opponents with their magnesium firepower and rely on precise flying to dodge, rather than attack.
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Physical Appearance

Frigid Galeslashes possess a crown of gray spikes on their head, as well as a base color that is described to be "as blue as a summer's sky", with yellow eyes and a light beige underbelly. Faint shades of turquoise nest on some of their iridescent scales, wings, and claws.

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