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The Freya'sday Fete took place every year on Freya'sday Eve, which was the Viking holiday celebrating the end of winter and the coming of spring.
  — Book 4  

The Book Viking festival, Freya'sday Fete, is discussed in Book 4, How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse.


In the Book series, the Freya'sday Fete Event is part of Freya'sday Eve. This commemorates the season change between Winter and Spring. Based on the name, it is associated with the Goddess of fertility - Freya. It is an annual event.

Historically, there is not evidence that Freya had a celebration or ritual during that time of year. Instead, the Germanic Goddess Ēostre (also called Ostara) has been associated with Spring. The Christianized holiday became known as "Easter". Some scholars do connect Freya with Eostre, but lack of data prevents a strong connection.


Freya'sday Fete appears to change locations each year, but as of the even in How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse, it takes place on Hooligan Harbor, which is deeply frozen over.

Tents and other structures are set up on the ice out in the harbor.

Now there were red and white striped tents pitched higgledy-piggledy all over the ice. Roaring fires burned high, grilling Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers for the Vikings to munch on as they wandered around stalls selling octopus lollipops, or listened to storytellers telling tall stories, or watched openmouthed as the giants on skates balanced dwarves on their heads.
  — Book 4  


Young Heroes Smashsticks-on-Ice competition

No rules. No quarter given. No survivors. No limits
  — Program of Events  

Smashsticks-on-Ice is a sporting event somewhat mimicking Hockey. It is played by the Hooligan and Bog-Burglar teenagers. Some elders and soothsayers, such as Old Wrinkly, try to divine who will win the competition.

Mud Wrestling

Winners are dubbed the 'All-in-Snow Wrestling Champion. In Wrestling competitions prior to the year taking place in How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse, Big-Boobied Bertha has been winner.


Frozen Lucky Dip

Objects are frozen into opaque ice and a player must guess what the object is. In How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse Freya'sday Fete, Stoick the Vast guesses his block of ice contains a helmet and places it on his head. When it thaws, it is revealed to be a small chair instead. The objects are also referred to as "U.F.O.s" - Unidentified Frozen Objects.


  • "Frigg's Day" is the origin of the word "Friday", though in some countries the origin is "Freya's Day". Some scholars argue that the goddess Frigg is the same as Freya, or originate from the same, even earlier, goddess.

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