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Freya's Day is a celebration mentioned in the mini-comic Litter Sitter.


Not much is known about this celebration, except that spears and shields are needed.



In the mini-comic Litter Sitter, Stoick asks Gobber about the shields for Freya's Day when Snotlout runs out of the Academy, followed by baby Nightmares. Walking away, Gobber says that he is also ready with some spears.


  • Freya's Day, more commonly known as Frigg's Day, was a weekly tribute to the Norse Goddess Freya, the goddess of love and fertility. It was considered lucky to get married on that day for such reasons, and unlucky to begin a voyage as Freya is also the guardian of "home".
  • Today, Frigg's Day had been named in most cultures as "Friday".

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