The Fraghen is a ship that appears in the comic, "The Stowaway".


The Fraghen is described as a Viking longship, therefore it is clinker-built with wood, and appears to have only one deck. Like most longships, The Fraghen has a single mast with a large square sail. The mast head is adorned with a wooden dragon figurehead, while a wooden dragon tail adorns the back. The Fraghen is one ship in a fleet of ships from the Hooligan Tribe



Before the events of the comic, "The Stowaway", The Fraghen was caught in a brief skirmish with the Outcasts, which ended with The Fraghen managing to escape. However, a young Viking named Hroar was found in the ship's hold.

The Fraghen later returned to Berk under the orders of its captain, Jorgen, in order to get repairs following the battle. Hroar was deposited on Berk while the ship was undergoing repairs.

In fact, the skirmish with the Outcasts was a ploy to deposit Hroar aboard and infiltrate the Hooligans, and disrupt life with the dragons.



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