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Distant relative of the Foreverwing and the longest living dragon. We know everything. [src]

The Foreverhorn is a large Mystery Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Adult Foreverhorns are large, quadrupedal dragons with a pair of massive wings. They have a large, relatively blunt nasal horn, as well as a smaller one directly below on the chin. They have a single large claw at the 'thumb' of their wings. Foreverhorns do not have any tail finage, but do have a sparsely spaced single row of ridges on their necks and tails. Mature adult individuals have stiff tendrils on their jaws and eye ridges.


Long Life

Foreverhorns can live for a very long time, with one known specimen living up to 275 years. It is unknown exactly how long a Foreverhorn's lifespan is, but the 275 yer old Grumblegard says he is already an old dragon.

Dragon Knowledge

Foreverhorns are very knowledgeable about other species of dragons, knowing their strengths and how to exploit their weaknesses.This is partially due to their long life span, encountering many species looking for food or their territories, as indicated by Grumblegard.

Wind Blasts

Foreverhorns are able to breathe very powerful gusts of wind, often using this ability to keep away unwanted visitors to their territories. They can also reverse the flow of the air blast, effectively creating a suction powerful enough to suck smaller dragons toward them.

Wing Waves

Foreverhorns can snap their wings closed in front of their bodies rapidly, creating powerful waves of air that can send anything flying for thousands of feet.

Endurance and Stamina

A Foreverhorn can take hits from multiple dragons at once, without showing any wounds. They can also survive falling from a high altitude and crashing into the ground with minimal damage.


Slinkwing Slime

Like most other dragons, Foreverhorns are vulnerable to Slinkwing slime.

Behavior and Personality

The only known Foreverhorn individual, Grumblegard, is cranky and territorial, using his wind blasts to keep other dragons away from his island. However, he eventually warms up to the Rescue Riders after they help him in defeating Lurke, Vizza, and Snoop.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Grumblegard

An old male Foreverhorn named Grumblegard, lived on Hazard Island. In "Grumblegard, Part 1", the Rescue Riders traveled to Hazard Island in order to find Crimson Pine. Grumblegard tried to keep them away using his wind blasts, but the Riders eventually tricked him and managed to collect the bark of the tree. Grumblegard fought them until he was trapped under a pile of boulders by Winger. The old dragon swore to have revenge and later came to Huttsgalor with the intent of destroying it.

In "Grumblegard, Part 2", Grumblegard told the Riders to evacuate the island, otherwise he would destroy it. He came the next day to finish the job, but was surprised by a trio of Slinkwings, who trapped him in their slime and then went to claim Hazard island. Grumblegard was left no choice but to ally with the Rescue Riders to reclaim his home. After succeeding, he took the baby dragons (Heatey, the Baby Shriekscales, Sizzle and his siblings) that the Rescue Riders took care of, raising them on Hazard Island.


  • The Foreverhorn is a distant relative to the Foreverwing.
  • In real life, Greenland Sharks could live at least 272 years. This is longest-living vertebrate known. Foreverhorn can live even longer.

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