Forbidden Isles[1] is an island that made its first and only appearance in the Dragon Gliders section of the 'How to Train Your Dragon Land' in MOTIONGATE™ Dubai.


Forbidden Isles is first introduced as a main location in Dragon Gliders. Participants of the ride impersonate a young dragon rider of Berk going on an adventure to the Forbidden Isles with Hiccup and Astrid. Shortly, they discover that the island is inhabited by a Titan Wing Flightmare, agitated by Hiccup and Astrid's presence. The riders leave in a hurry, but the Flightmare follows them back to Berk and starts to wreak havoc. After Astrid and Stormfly prove unsuccessful to chase the Flightmare away, Hiccup and Toothless lure it in and defeat it with a plasma blast, charged up with Toothless' dominance display.[2]




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