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Foehammer is a female Hushbogle appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Foehammer has quickly earned her way into the hearts of Berkians, despite their bias towards her parent species. On the battlefield, this Hushbogle truly acts as a teammate and not just a terror, air-dropping supplies during nighttime raids and dragging enemies into the tunnels she's created.
Foehammer revealed a surprising tenderness not commonly associated with Snow Wraiths or Whispering Deaths when she once rescued a young Viking child from great peril. Hiccup could not have been more pleased that such an unlikely candidate became a Berkian fan-favorite!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Foehammer has pronounced blue skin with light purple and cerulean shades. The dragon's horns, underbelly, and claws are yellow.

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