Flyhopper Island is an island that is the home of the Flyhoppers, that first appeared in the episode, "King Burple"


Flyhopper Island is full of forests, but has a single small mountain at the center of the island. It has small rocky beaches, that are only inhabited by seagulls.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

While looking for Elbone's House Boat in "King Burple", Cutter and Burple were blown off by a storm and crash-landed on Flyhopper Island. They encountered a group of Flyhoppers, who mistook Burple for their king, after he fell on a wolf. After the Rockspitter realized he couldn't lead the small dragons, he taught them how to fight against wolves and made Oscar their king instead. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rescue Riders arrived on the opposite side of the island and fought Elbone's house boat. They began to search for his pet rock Rocky, before being reunited with Burple and Cutter. The Rockspitter quickly found Rocky and they all left Flyhopper Island, returning to Huttsgalor.


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