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We Flyhoppers can only fly for a few feet and we're far too small to battle wolves, so the trees were the safest place keep our eggs. [src]

The Flyhopper is a small dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


Flyhopper eggs are about the size of a chicken egg. They are round and smooth, having a dark coloration such as brown or dirty green. The eggs can easily stay attached to tree braches as they're not always laid in a nest.

Hatchling to Adult

Flyhoppers are very small dragons that lack wings. They have four legs: the front legs have four claws each, while the hind legs have three claws each. Flyhoppers have two flexible appendages on their head that resemble leaves in terms of appearance. Flyhoppers have a thick tail which ends with a shovel-like structure, that is used by the dragons to grab and carry various objects.


Shovel-Like Tail

Flyhoppers have a flat structure at the end of their tails that they can use in a similar manner as a shovel or a spoon. They can use it to grab and carry different things, such as food or even their eggs. They can also use it for throwing objects with great accuracy, that can hurt other animals.


Forced to live in trees in order to escape predators, Flyhoppers have become skilled climbers.

Speed and Agility

While Flyhoppers lack wings, and therefore the ability to fly, they are extremely fast and agile. They can climb trees in mere seconds, even while they are holding something with their tails.

Strength and Combat

Despite their small size, Flyhoppers can carry objects that are twice their body weight, such as when three dragons stood on each other's backs and the bottom Flyhopper had no problem walking.



Being small and flightless, Flyhoppers are vulnerable to medium sized-predators such as wolves and bigger dragons.

Leader Dependency

Flyhoppers are very trusting, especially towards their leader. They follow their leader blindly and have complete faith that they will protect them.

Behavior and Personality

Flyhoppers are social dragons who live in large colonies. Each member of the colony helps take care of eggs and gathers food for everyone. While Flyhopper colonies don't have a hierarchy, the dragons tend to follow a leader, regardless of the species. Flyhoppers get amused very quickly and tend to laugh off every situation they consider to be funny.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Main article: Oscar

In "King Burple", Cutter and Burple crash-landed on Flyhopper Island, while searching for Elbone's House Boat. Burple accidentally fell on a wolf, which made Oscar believe he was sent there to protect the Flyhoppers. The entire colony worshipped Burple, until they found out the truth. However, Cutter and Burple taught them to defend themselves by using their tails to attack the wolves with rocks and Apples. Oscar then became the leader of the Flyhopper colony and Burple and Cutter returned to their island.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

Main article: Emmy
Main article: Razzie

In Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing, Oscar along with two other Flyhoppers named Emmy and Razzie are among the dragons that have been hypnotized by the Songwing Melodia.



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