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The Flyer Leader is an unnamed character listed in the Cast credits at the end of the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5 episode "The Wings of War, Part 1".


Getting a Dragon

At some point during the events of Season 5 of Race to the Edge, Krogan captures numerous Singetail dragons and trains these dragons using brutal methods and warriors to ride them. This character is designated as the leader of this group of dragons and men, called the Dragon Flyers. He, as the other warriors do, use riding crops and reins with bits to control the dragons. His mount is a bright orange Singetail with maroon markings.

Pursuing the Dragon Riders

In "The Wings of War, Part 1", the Flyer Leader is instructed to find and drive off the Dragon Riders from wherever they may be sheltering. The Riders are overwhelmed by the sheer number of rapid-firing ridden Singetails and flee from Caldera Cay, then are driven away from another, unnamed island. They dive into a fog bank. The Flyer Leader vows to find them.

They can't hide in there forever. We'll have our chance, and when we do ... (fires volley of fireballs into the fog)
  — Flyer Leader  

Physical Appearance

The Leader Flyer is an adult male wearing a mask and helmet. His hair is not seen or shaven. He has either a black tattoo or war paint on his left arm, as well as across his face. His tunic appears to be made from Zippleback hide.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

The Flyer Leader has a speaking part in the episode, "The Wings of War, Part 1". However, he may have also been seen amongst the Dragon Flyers in the episodes, "Dawn of Destruction" and "The Wings of War, Part 2".


  • The Flyer Leader may have appeared in the episode, "Family Matters" on an island housing a Singetail hatchery. This is unable to be confirmed, as all characters who speak are not listed in the credits individually. However, a character that looks like the Flyer Leader - down to the tattoos and blue eyes - appears as a lead to the Dragon Flyers stationed there. He even rides a Singetail with the exact same coloring.


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