They're very receptive to training... when awake. [src]

Floe Hotburples are a group of Hotburples that appear in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The dense, durable hide of the Hotburple allows it to stay warm in even the most frigid of climates. Floe Hotburples have a tendency to doze off on icebergs, only to wake up miles away after the current carries the chunky ice out to sea. They are notoriously difficult to track since they are often covered in a deep blanket of snow as they nap... which can be for most of the day.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Floe Hotburples possess blue, durable bodies that are covered in indigo spots and bumps, coupled with yellow eyes. There are some patches of purple shading on their bodies, especially on the torso area.

In-game Statistics




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