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Flax is an important crop seen in the game, School of Dragons.


Flax (Linum usitatissimum) is a fairly tall-growing plant with lance-shaped leaves and lovely blue flowers. Flax has been cultivated in Asia and Europe for tens of thousands of years and is its own species, as opposed to being a domesticated subspecies of a wild variant.


Flax has been widely used for thousands of years to make textiles - specifically cordage and linen cloth. The seeds are also nutritious and are high in short-chain Omega 3 fatty acids. Oil can be extracted from the seeds, a meal ground from it, they can be eaten as is, or sprouted then consumed.

In School of Dragons, flax flowers are erroneously mentioned as the source of fibers to make textiles. Other than this, several Farm Jobs ask for flax to make fish netting and other items.



School of Dragons

Flax is a crop that the player can grow on their farms and harvest (or buy for 1 gem) to complete Farm Jobs for rewards. Flax seeds cost 24 coins and produce 6 flowers in 5 minutes.



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