The Flaming Forest is a forest located in the Mainland.


To the west of the Flaming Forest flows the Summer Current and lies the Waterlands. In the north, is a straight that across from it lies Berserk. Adjacent from the northeast is Bloodspilt Bay. East of the Flaming Forest is adjacent the Amber Slavelands.


The Flaming Forest is very wooded as it contains lots of trees. However, due to the cold climate, only conifers are present. These conifers are constantly on fire hence the forest's name. The trees perpetually remain ablaze without burning to ash. This is achieved because of the two dragon species that live here, the Firestarter and the Water Dragon.


As shown in the final few books, the tribe that inhabited the Mainland before the Second Dragon War, was the Uglithugs. However, just like the rest of the tribes of the Archipelago, they had to evacuate due to the war. After the finalization of the peace between humans and dragons by Furious' death and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's ascension to the title of King of the Wilderwest, it can be presumed that the Uglithugs returned to the Mainland.

Dragon Species

As written above, there are two dragon species that live in the Flaming Forest: Firestarters and Water Dragons. As stated in The Incomplete Book of Dragons, the Firestarters set fire to the forest in order to incubate their eggs, and the Water Dragons put out the fire so that the forest doesn't burn away absolutely.



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