He knows we're here. [src]
  — Spitelout about Flamelout  

Flamelout is a male Singetail who first appeared in "The Wings of War, Part 2".

Official Description

When Spitelout Jorgenson retreated to Singetail Island during the Dragon Hunter wars, he had ample time to study the unique fauna of that location. Flamelout was one of the Dragons he found particularly perplexing.

Prior to meeting Flamelout, Spitelout was convinced that Dragons were not very intelligent creatures. But It was Flamelout that changed his mind. This curious Dragon apparently outsmarted Spitelout at every turn, getting into his food supply, his tackle, and his weapons. No real damage was done, but that didn’t prevent Spitelout from going half-crazy seeking ways to guard against this mischievous Dragon. Finally, realizing the futility of his efforts, something broke in Spitelout.

It is uncertain whether Flamelout is truly as intelligent a Spitelout believes, or if it is his own madness caused by long term solitude that gave him this peculiar delusion. In either case, it is impossible to shake him of the belief that Flamelout is some kind of spirit animal, infused with the mad genius of a demi-god.
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Life on Storehouse Island

When Hiccup goes to Storehouse Island to learn more about the Singetails, he meets with Spitelout who is here for revenge. He introduces the Singetails to Hiccup, including Flamelout.

Physical Appearance

Just like Deathlout and other Singetails, Flamelout is yellow-green in color with brown spots.


Just like his name suggests, Flamelout likes to set things on fire or just breathing fire.


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