The Flamehuffer is a small dragon that inhabits caves. Flamehuffers are seen in How to Train Your Dragon (Book) when the Vikings enter the Dragon Nursery on Wild Dragon Cliff. They are described as giving "off extra little bursts of light that flickered on and off as they breathed in and out". Furthermore, The Complete Book of Dragons describes: "the hiss, pop, and crackle of Flamehuffers blasting jets of flame to incinerate unwary Caterbillars".

Oddly enough, the Complete Book of Dragons: Guide To Dragon Species indicates that Flamehuffers were both Neutral and siding with Furious in the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

As told in The Complete Book of Dragons, Flamehuffers can mimic people's voices and animal's sounds. They can also speak Dragonese and are one of the few dragons that can speak Norse.

As seen in their picture, one can assume they are very good at clinging to cave walls and ceilings.



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