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The Flamehuffer is a small dragon that appears in the How to Train Your Dragon Book Series.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Flamehuffer is a dragon found in caves around the Archepelago such as the Dragon Nursery on Wild Dragon Cliff. They have four legs adept at clinging to cavern walls, two small wings, and a short face with large bat-like ears.

They are described as giving "off extra little bursts of light that flickered on and off as they breathed in and out". Furthermore, The Incomplete Book of Dragons describes: "the hiss, pop, and crackle of Flamehuffers blasting jets of flame to incinerate unwary Caterbillars".


Besides being able to shoot flames, the Flamehuffer can mimic people's voices and animal's sounds. They can also speak Dragonese and are one of the few dragons that can speak Norse.


With a Disobedience rating of "7", Flamehuffers are trainable but with difficulty. They tend to cause great mischief because of their ability of mimicry.

Oddly enough, The Incomplete Book of Dragons indicates that Flamehuffers were both Neutral and sided with Furious in the Dragon Rebellion.


How to Train Your DragonEdit

Flamehuffers make a brief appearance in the caves of the Dragon Nursery on Berk, when the Hairy Hooligan Viking Novices enter the cave to steal sleeping dragons.

How to Steal a Dragon's SwordEdit

Flamehuffers appear again in the caves beneath Flashburn's School of Swordfighting, when Excellinor the Witch forces Hiccup and Fishlegs into them to retrieve the King's crown.

The Incomplete Book of DragonsEdit

Flamehuffers are detailed in this reference book, as well as in the Dragon Key table in the back.


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