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Captain Fiske is the main antagonist in Volume 6 of the Dragons: Riders of Berk comics published by Titan Comics. 


Riders of Berk Comics

Fiske was first introduced in "Underworld", as the captain of the vanguard fleet that patrolled Berk's waters with Stoick the Vast as his second in command. Fiske and his fleet then came under attack by a Submaripper that killed over half of Fiske's crew and took one of his arms and one of his legs. However, he was saved by Stoick.

Unfortunately, he lost his left arm and right leg to the beast. He refused to let the beast go, but Stoick refused to go along with on his fool's errand that would cost more lives. Knowing Stoick would go to his father, the chief at the time, he would be grounded. So Fiske left to pursue the dragon on his own.

Physical Appearance

Captain Fiske has a red beard and mustache, with scars all over his face and a patch on his left eye. He is very large and muscly, with a hook in place of his left hand and a wooden leg on his right. He wears an ordinary Viking helmet, much like Stoick's, and his right shoulder pad has a giant spike on it.


  • Fiske's relationship with the Rogue Submaripper is a reference to the relationship between Captain Ahab and Moby Dick in the novel Moby Dick.


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