Top secret stuff under there. Meatlug and I have been working day and night to carry on the Ingerman family tradition. It's our first Regatta. I'm finally old enough. Isn't that exciting? [src]
  Fishlegs Ingerman  

Fishlegs' Regatta Boat is only seen in the movie short, Dawn of the Dragon Racers.


A Regatta - boat races - are held every year on Berk. In the year shown in Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Fishlegs is finally old enough to participate in the Berk and Ingerman tradition. Under strict secrecy, Fishlegs built a small ship with Meatlug.


Fishlegs' Regatta Boat is only large enough to accommodate Meatlug with Fishlegs sitting atop. It has a single sail decorated with an image of himself and Meatlug. It also has "fins" of a sort at the prow of unknown function, they resemble the wings of a Gronckle. The figurehead is the classic dragon head, stylized into a Gronckle.


As soon as Fishlegs' Regatta ship was setting off a few yards on its maiden voyage, Fishlegs discovered Meatlug gets seasick. She belched up a lava ball which promptly put a hole in the bottom of the ship and sank it.


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