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Fishlegs' Mother is a character mentioned a few times in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise. She is the mother of Fishlegs Ingerman.


Maintaining Fishlegs' Self Image

After Gobber made saddles for the dragons, Meatlug had a hard time flying with the added weight. Gobber made the comment that it doesn't make sense that Meatlug can fly with Fishlegs on her back, but not the saddle. Fishlegs defended himself by saying his mother only said he was "husky".

Being a Pawn

Fishlegs was terrified about going to Breakneck Bog to retrieve something from Hiccup's mother, and offered Hiccup his own mother in exchange for not having to go. When Hiccup ignored the bribe, Fishlegs then reminded him how much he loved her crab cakes.


Fishlegs Ingerman

She must be very sheltering of Fishlegs in that he's the only one of the Riders to have a curfew in "In Dragons We Trust". It's also apparent that Fishlegs is closer to his mother than his father, given he hardly ever mentions his father, and his personality and character exhibit he had strong feminine influence when he was younger.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup has been to Fishlegs' house many times. Their families spent Snoggletog together when they were seven. Fishlegs' mother also made crab cakes at some point before Hiccup and Fishlegs were 15 years old, and Hiccup found them to be delicious.


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