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Fishlegs' House is the domicile of Fishlegs Ingerman on New Berk.



The interior of Fishlegs' House is not seen or described.


Fishlegs' House is comprised of elaborate dome structures placed together to mimic the appearance of a Gronckle dragon. A roofed porch with tapering columns forms the 'mouth'. The second section is comprised of two domed A-frame type sections - a large one at the base and a smaller atop of it. Behind that is a decorated dome appearing to be comprised of straw, and a last section of a small dome with a back door. To these base structures are various additions and decorations form 'eyes', 'feet', and spikes of a dragon.



Fishlegs' house is his shelter from the elements, place of rest, and storage of food and tools and other special items. It is unknown if Fishlegs Ingerman is the sole resident, or there are other residents, such as his mother or father.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Fishlegs' House makes a brief appearance at the end of the movie, which appears to take place at the end of Winter, having a light dusting of snow.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Fishlegs' house appears in the background, located right at the edge of the village plaza. It is dusted with snow as it is the Snoggletog season.


School of Dragons

Fishlegs' House is one of the major structures in this game's rendition of New Berk. Fishlegs stands outside of it, giving out some quests for the player to complete.


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