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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

I'm not gonna hurt you. Okay, okay. I know why you're scared. I would be, too. You just have to trust me. [src]

Fishlegs' Dramillion appears in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6 episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman".


Tamed by Fishlegs

Fishlegs' Dramillion is under constant threat from Dragon Hunters on his island. His pack members have been caught to use as training tools for new recruits. He encounters Fishlegs, but is aggressive toward him because he wears the Ingerman style helmet. An ancestor of Fishlegs', Ingar Ingerman, invented the "Ingerman Method" of training Hunters and the Dramillion associated Fishlegs with the Hunters.

Fishlegs' Dramillion finds the Hunter camp and tries to free his pack members, but is instead captured. Fishlegs serves as a diversion and his Dramillion escapes, but still has a manacle on his tail. Fishlegs finds him in the woods and tries to approach him. The dragon acts aggressively toward him again, but Fishlegs tosses his helmet away at the suggestion of Astrid. In a gesture reminiscent to the scene between Toothless and Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon, the Dramillion immediately relaxes and allows Fishlegs to approach and make contact. He also allows the Vikings to attempt to remove the manacle. Fishlegs and Astrid figure out that the manacle can be removed by a lava blast followed by a magnesium blast. Fishlegs' Dramillion quickly learns this trick and shows the other Dramillions how to remove their manacles. The Dramillions then attack and destroy the Hunter camp. Fishlegs' Dramillion acknowledges his connection with Fishlegs and flies away to rejoin his pack.

It is assumed that Fishlegs' Dramillion was among the Dramillions that fought against the Dragon Riders and Flyers, in order to protect a Titan Wing from his pack.

Physical Appearance

Fishlegs' Dramillion is royal blue with dark blue striping. He also has a white belly and red scales patterned on his body.


Fishlegs' Dramillion is hostile to any human that wears an Ingerman helmet, believing them to be Dragon Hunters. But once a person earns his trust, he becomes protective and loyal to the fault. He is also a fast learner who can memorize the types of fire needed to destroy dragon-proof metal.


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