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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

This Gronckle-made dragon armor is the comfiestcone out there - with its own handy dandy pouch!
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Fishlegs' Dragon Scale Armor is a full-body armor worn by Fishlegs during the events of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.



At some point between How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the third movie (a span of about a year), Fishlegs' armor was constructed.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Fishlegs uses his dragon scale armor during any time there is a high risk of injury. He uses it multiple times such as when raiding Dragon Trapper ships to free dragons.

About ten years after the main events of the film, Fishlegs' dragon scale armor is not in evidence, so it is unknown if he still has it or if it is still wearable or functional.

Physical Appearance

Fishlegs' dragon scale armor appears to be formed of several different pieces tailored to fit his body. There is the helmet, pauldrons/should piece, chest plate of sorts with a carry pouch, a skirt-like part over the hips and leg, gloves and gauntlets, arm pieces, and boots. There are also two wing structures kept folded for flight when needed[1]. The suit is made out of Meatlug's shed scales, so has a predominantly brown color. The scales appear to be attached to a leather base, with presumably Toothless' sticky saliva as the gluing agent. The whole suit is further embellished with thick metal balls, mimicking those of Meatlug.


Fireproof Armor

Due to its construction from Meatlug's scales, Fishlegs' dragon scale armor is effectively impervious to fire. It is unknown if the non-scale portions are also treated in some way to be fire-retardant.

As a suit of armor, it affords some protection from attack, much better than normal clothing. However, dragon skin and scales can be cut and pierced, so the armor is not fully protective from all attack.


Using Hiccup's successes with his flightsuit, Fishlegs has incorporated a flightsuit within his armor. This allows his to glide and fly in the air independently of dragon transportation for a time.

Dragon Transport

Fishlegs has incorporated a basket-like pouch on the chest of his suit, exclusively to transport a baby of Meatlug's, named Fishmeat. The tiny tooth is able to be transported with some degree of protection.



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