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Fishlegs: "These are my dragon-cards. I've been working on them for months."
Hiccup: "Fishlegs, these are incredible!"
Fishlegs: "I know, right? Yeah, look! I have even dragon classes, size, and speed! All this dragon knowledge right at our fingers!"[src]
  — Fishlegs revealing his dragon cards to the other Riders  

Fishlegs' Dragon Cards are like the Dragon Eye lenses, as they tell him and his friends about the "new" unknown dragons they've come across; he keeps them in a pouch on his belt. They each have an image of a dragon, along with their class, size, speed, abilities, strengths and other important information. They were first introduced in How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 3

In "Crash Course", when the Riders came across the Cavern Crasher on Fireworm Island, Fishlegs got the cards out of the pouch to identify the dragon. Fishlegs claimed that he had been working on them for months, before even telling his friends about it, at which Hiccup was amazed. The Cavern Crasher Card gave them an idea why it was attacking the Fireworm Queen's nest, as well as the dragon's abilities, class, and speed.

Season 5

While the Dragon Riders were following the Great Protector to Vanaheim in "A Matter of Perspective", Fishlegs looked through his dragon cards to find out the speed of the Eruptodon.

The dragon cards made an appearance in "No Dragon Left Behind", where Fishlegs was trying to search for a cure on Slitherwing venom. Fishlegs did find the antidote which required angel fern root, pine sap, and Slitherwing venom.

Season 6

In “Darkest Night”, the dragon cards reappear in Astrid’s what-if senario, and instead of dragons, Fishlegs uses them to study plant life.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

After Eret brought Astrid and the other Riders to Drago's location, they saw a group of ships around a "pool" of bubbling water. Fishlegs took his cards out to see if those bubbles were made by a dragon and what kind it could be, but he had trouble finding the card that can tell him what dragon it is. When Drago's men "found" them, Fishlegs dropped the cards when he flung his hands up in surrender. It is most likely that he came back for the cards or had picked them up before he and the others were brought onboard The Conqueror.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The morning after Hiccup and Astrid saw the female Light Fury, Fishlegs had began to work on a Light Fury card. Since Fishlegs hadn't seen the dragon himself and only had Hiccup and Astrid's description to go by, he got the image wrong a few times. Though there are few physical differences between the two types of Furies, Hiccup tells Fishlegs to just draw a Night Fury but paint it white. Fishlegs exhibits annoyance at how Hiccup should have just suggested that from the beginning.

A bonus feature for the film suggests that Fishlegs would eventually also create cards for the Crimson Goregutter, Hobgobbler, and Night Lights.

Graphic Novels

The Serpent's Heir

On the way to Nepenthe, Fishlegs tried to identify a mysterious Tidal Class dragon he and Hiccup saw by looking through the dragon cards.

Dragon Species

Strike Class

Stoker Class

Boulder Class

Tracker Class

Sharp Class

Tidal Class

Mystery Class

Stoker/Mystery Hybrid Class

Unknown Class


Cards of this section have appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2, but have been redesigned by the release How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


  • The cards and the pouch they're kept in appear in Dragons: Rise of Berk as collectibles in completing collections.
  • It is possible that Fishlegs had began to work on the cards after the Dragon Eye had been taken by the Dragon Hunters, and that some of the cards' information is from some of his Dragon Eye notes, as well as Bork's papers and the Dragon Manual.
  • The back of the cards each have the dragon class mark of the dragon that the card details.
  • The cards may be based on the collectable dragon stat cards that are found at the end of every HTTYD book.

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