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Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer is a dragon character appearing occasionally in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Fishlegs' Assigned Riding Dragon

During a Herding-Reindeer-on-Dragonback lesson, the students each choose a young Riding Dragon. They were too young to fly with the weight of a rider, but were strong enough to carry them well on the ground. Fishlegs got last choice and ended up with a Chickenpoxer. Being of an ornery nature, Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer immediately bucked him off. It continued to do this several times. Eventually, Fishlegs and the Chickenpoxer work enough to herd reindeer with the rest of the boys and their Riding Dragons.

Later during the lesson, the reindeer, dragons, and boys are surrounded by a huge fire caused by Exterminator dragons. The boys get off their riding dragons, including Fishlegs, as they might panic and dive into the fire. Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer, as well as all the other dragons except Hiccup's Windwalker and Goliath, fly away.

Physical Appearance

Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer is short and "so fat its belly barely cleared the ground". As is typical of Chickenpoxers, this one has various lumps and warts on its body as well as rounded knobs on its head.


Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer is a short-tempered and stubborn dragon, being compared to a Shetland pony. Lacking the deep connection with Fishlegs that Hiccup and his Hiccup's Windwalker, it does not have any compunction about abandoning the boy during a dangerous situation.


How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Fishlegs' Chickenpoxer first appears in Book 5 as Fishlegs' Riding Dragon.


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