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Firestarters are small dragons mentioned in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Physical Description

Firestarters are small, too small to ride. In the limited pictoral information available, Firestarters are green in color with a pair of wings, a thin body, and a thin curling tail. They have spikes down their backs, but no feature at the end of the tail.


Firestarters do just that: start fires in the forest. Typically, dragons do not set fire to their environment, or at least have safety behaviors in place (such as the Shortwing Squirrelserpent). Firestarters, however, intentionally create blazes in order to incubate their eggs. Because Water Dragons also make the Flaming Forests their home, the woods are not completely burned to the ground.

These dragons fought for Furious in the Dragon Rebellion.


The Incomplete Book of Dragons

The Firestarter dragon appears briefly in this reference book in the Tree Dragon section.

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