She's an amazing babysitter. Viking children, too!

Fireshrike is a female Deadly Nadder appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Fireshrike is the self-appointed den mother to her flock's hatchlings. Although not a parent herself, this Nadder nanny fiercely defends the young dragons in her charge and visits her wrath upon any who endanger them!
Instinctually protective and alert, Fireshrike remains eternally vigilant in her nanny duties. And this maternal streak now extends to her human friends. She dotes on full-grown Vikings as if they were newborn Nadders!

Physical Appearance

Fireshrike has black claws on her feet and a light gamboge crown of spikes on her head, as well as a belly of the same color, which is paired with a brilliant vermilion base covered with dark heliotrope shades. The dragon's wings are comprised of bright patterns and three hooks at the end of its wing joints.

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