Dragons: Rescue Riders continues the diversity of fire types seen in DreamWorks Dragons media.

Fire Variants

Fire Fury

Fire Furies shoot bright orange and yellow fire that can burn for a long period of time. They can release powerful streams of fire for a short range, or concentrate their flames into a fireball that explodes with a firework-like effect.

Additionally, Fire Furies can create short blue flames, which can be used to heat up metal or to draw on stone. This ability is similar to a blow torch. However, not all Fire Furies are capable of doing this, as it takes time and practice for them to master the ability.

Hideous Heatwing

Young Hideous Heatwings are capable of shooting a large number of fireballs, as well as uncontrollable short streams of fire.


Puffertails can shoot thin streams of fire from their mouths that can be used to propel them in a specific direction while inflated.

Relentless Razorwing

Relentless Razorwings breath normal orange-yellow flames and have high shot limits.

Roaming Ramblefang

Roaming Ramblefangs shoot orange-yellow liquid fireballs. They can shoot fire immediately after hatching and in rapid succession.

Silver-tailed Ironclaw

Silver-talied Ironclaws crest bright orange-white flames that create sparks.


Swiftwings have a unique fire type that takes the form of a ball of energy surrounded by what appears to be electricity. These blasts are very powerful but useless against crystal as it simply bounces off. Mature Swiftwings are capable of learning to perform a Mega Blast which is a much more powerful version of their fire type.

Water Variants


Divewings are capable of shooting streams of water from their mouths.


Fastfins project water from their mouths instead of fire. Fastfins do not have a fixed shot limit as they can simply drink more water to gain more shots.

Sea Gronckle

Since Sea Gronckles do not like to open their mouths, they prefer to use their spout as a weapon instead. Like whales, Sea Gronckles can shoot streams of water from their spouts, which is capable of knocking enemies away.

Acid Variants

Slobber Smelter

Slobber Smelters have acidic drool that can burn through wood. Slobber Smelter hatchlings have no control over the amount of drool they produce.



A Swiftwing's blast has what appears to be electricity surrounding it and could even be entirely made of electrical energy.


Piercing Shriekscale

As their name suggests, Piercing Shriekscales make piercingly loud shrieks. These shrieks are disorienting and even capable of forcing targets out of the trance of a Songwing. As babies, Shriekscales shriek constantly, especially when hungry.


Songwings can emit a melodious sound to calm anyone that try to harm them.



Foreverhorns produce powerful streams of air and gust of wind from their mouths that are powerful enough to blow away dragons mid flight.

Other Substances

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragons produce a "Golden Blast" which simply consists of a shower of golden sparkles. Golden Dragons get this blast after feeding on their golden egg shells upon hatching.


Rockspitters have four stomachs. Three of these stomachs are used to hold anything which the Rockspitter swallows. Rockspitters are them capable of spitting out and firing anything that resides within these three stomachs. While they can fire any object that can fit in their mouth, Rockspitters prefer to use rocks as their weapon of choice.


Slinkwings project green goo that is capable of sticking just about anything together and is capable of sticking the wings of enemy dragons together, prohibiting flight.

Non-Projectiles / Special Weapons / Unique Attacks


Slinkwing have the ability to make their scales match the colors of their surroundings, allowing them to become virtually invisible. These scales seem to be reflective and therefore able to reflect any light from its surroundings.

Glowing Body

Fire Furies can heat up their own bodies and make themselves glow.


Shovel Tail

Flyhopper's have shovel or catapult-shaped tails. They can use these tails to carry objects like their own eggs, or to launch objects at enemies. With no fire or wings, this tail acts as their only weapon against predators like wolves.

Tail Spikes

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