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The Fire Fury is a medium-sized Stoker Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Juvenile Fire Furies have a larger head size compared to body size. Their spiraling horns are smaller and not quite as twisted toward the back of the head as an adult's. The coloration is the same as an adult - a base color of red or orange and a bright white belly.

Adult Fire Furies are one solid shade of red, orange, or yellow, coupled with a white underside. They have two tightly spiraled horns on their heads, that twist behind them. The horns are typically a brick red that tapers to a lighter shade at the tips. They have two wings that are shaded a red, orange, or yellow color different from their main body color. The fins on their tails also follow the same color as the wings. They also have longer necks and smaller heads that are the same size as their bodies.

When they are at the stage to molt, they go to hot areas to help them shed their scales.



IO - The third and final blast of fire.jpg

Fire Furies can breathe balls or streams of fire that appear to make explosions once they reach the end of their range. The fire is likely very hot. The more Fire Furies that contribute to the blast, the more powerful it will be. When multiple Fire Furies contribute to the blast, it creates a orange and magenta explosion that creates a ring of orange fire and orange to white sparks, like fireworks.

FF - Using fire on the zip line.jpg

Laburn and Cinda taught Aggro to turn her fire into a short, welding-torch like blue flame that they used to warm metal enough to be bent, fuse two pieces of metal, and carve images onto stone. Laburn describes it as being "like whistling". This ability appears to require more practice.

Heated Glow

FF - Aggro having lit herself up.jpg

Aggro can make her horns and whole body glow from high heat. The glow starts in her chest and her horns, and ends up covering her whole body. It makes her skin hot enough to set fire to whatever she touches, as seen in "Iced Out" Leyla told Aggro that she was going to set fire to the trapdoor. The glow can also be used as a light source, as it lights up the nearby surroundings, allowing other dragons to see. When at full power, they leave a trail of sparks behind them as they fly. The fire can dissolve ice and snow even when Fire Furies are encased ice they can use their heated glow to free themselves. When a Fire Fury finishes molting their glow becomes even brighter and intense.

When grouped together while in flight and grabbing each other by their tails fire furies can make a ring of fire with their heated glow seen by Aggro and her friends in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing.

Ram-like Horns

Shaped like a ram's or a goat's horns, Fire Furies appear to utilize the horns on their skulls for pushing, bumping, and knocking things, including each other, similar to their usage by rams and goats. Fire Furies Laburn and Cinda are seen banging their horns together in a playful manner, creating a metallic sound, suggesting there may be a metal component to the horns. Aggro is often seen pushing over trees and other objects with her horns.

WTS - Winger having trouble with the sparks.jpg

Fireproof Scales

Fire Furies have fireproof scales. When rubbed in a certain way against other objects, the scales are able to produce sparks. This is seen when Aggro scrapes the edges of her wings against the ground in "Where There's Smoke", leaving a trail of sparks and smoke, serving as a smoke screen.

Speed and Agility

Fire Furies are said to be agile flyers, as Aggro is seen dodging Summer's water blast with ease.

Endurance and Stamina

Strength and Combat

They have great physical strength as well, as Aggro was able to carry Walduno on her back briefly without a struggle, or even carry other dragons.



A Fire Fury's fire ability can be doused by a generous amount of water sprayed or dumped on them.


According to my Dragon Diary, young Fire Furies' pyroglands aren't fully formed, making them very sensitive to cold. [src]

According to Leyla's dragon diary, young Fire Furies do not have fully formed pyroglands, making them extremely sensitive to the cold. A Fire Fury can be rendered nearly helpless if submerged into icy cold water, which renders the Fire Fury unable to breathe fire or fly, at least until it can externally warm up enough.


A strong enough wind attack from another dragon is sufficient to blow back a young Fire Fury's fireball blast, as seen in "Grumblegard, Part 1".


According to Leyla in "Hot, Hot, Hot", any dragon including Fire Furies can overheat in places that are hot enough making them unable to fly.


Like all dragons, a Fire Fury is prone to being infected by the Dreaded Dragon Flu. If they catch the sickness, they can overheat.

Certain Flora

The fiery breath and body heat of a Fire Fury is ineffective against Tangle Vine. This species can become entangled in the moving vines if not careful.

Behavior and Personality

My name is Aggro. Like she said, I'm a Fire Fury! We're a little hot-headed.

Fire Furies tend to have stubborn and quick-to-anger temperaments. They are also protective, even of individuals from other species. Leyla states that "Fire Furies are known to be very nimble and very clever."

This species is migratory, and travels in flocks. This also demonstrates a very social nature. A separated Fire Fury will even stay with other species when alone. Two individuals, Laburn and Cinda, travel together, and never stay in the same place for long.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

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Aggro is a major protagonist in Dragons: Rescue Riders and is introduced in the episode "Where There's Smoke". She joins the Rescue Riders and assists on rescue missions.

Two young adult Fire Furies make an appearances in "Furious Fun", luring Aggro away from her responsibilities to have fun without work.

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  1. Aggro used her fire breath four times against the Mechano-Dragon before she ran out in "Charged Up".