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Summer: "He was slippery as an eel, fast as a wolf, as tricky as -"
Cutter: "A me!"

Finngard Borgomon is a young boy appearing in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Dragon Fascination

Finngard appears briefly in "The Nest", when Cutter grabs him up, out of the path of a flying log.

Finngard has been enamored with the dragons since the Rescue Riders moved into Huttsgalor. He intentionally gets lost, multiple times a week, so that the Riders have to find him, in "Where There's Smoke". Each time, he gets to be carried by a dragon through the air, before being returned to his worried mother.

Finngard stands in the town with the other villagers in "Sick Day", watching from afar as the dragons at The Roost shoot rocks, fire, and spines all over the place. They come down with the Dreaded Dragon Flu and loose control of their abilities.

Finngard continues his charades in "Furious Fun", by getting himself stuck in a tree so that a dragon would need to rescue him. Aggro pulled him down and he whispered to her that he wouldn't get into anymore trouble ... today. The next day, at the arrangement of the Riders and his mother, he participates in a Dragon Day put on just for him. He watches all the dragons show off their talents and takes notes in his Dragon Book, all except Aggro. She did not make it to the event. After the show is over, Finngard noticed Fire Fury flames in the air elsewhere in Huttsgalor and runs off to investigate. He finds Aggro, Laburn and Cinda playing in Boiling Springs Valley. Not knowing how dangerous the place is, Finngard walks out amongst the geysers. Aggro rushes to toss his out of danger, but becomes stuck in mud. The other Rescue Riders fly in to rescue Aggro and the other two Fire Furies, while Finngard happily takes notes in his book. The Riders return him safely home.

New Adventures

In "Mecha-Menace", Finngard, along with the rest of the villagers, watched Haggis see his shadow, meaning that spring had officially begun. He grabbed a Luck Lantern and painted it, returning it to the village a few hours later.

In "Summer Holiday", Finnagard kept making the Rescue Riders' missions more difficult while trying to help them. Because of this, they decided to visit an exotic island and take a break from their duties. Unbeknownst to them, Finngard hid in one of the supplies barrels and travelled alongside them. Upon arriving at the destination, Finnagard stayed hidden and watched the Rescue Riders fight off giant eels. They retreated to the forest, where Finngard revealed himself to them. While they were surprised at first, they let him stay with them, as they couldn't return him to Huttsgalor before nightfall. He helped the Rescue Riders find food and made nests for them. However, he unintentionally used Wood Nettles, a very itchy plant. Dak got mad at Finngard, claiming that he was a trouble-maker in front of the boy. Finngard burst into tears and ran away. He entered a cave and started singing a song. He was soon found by the Rescue Riders, who apologised to him. Just then, the group was attacked by a pack of wolves. Finngard used Wood Nettles to scare away they wolves, saving his friends. He apologised for ruining most of their mission and promised to be more careful in the future. He jumped on Winger and returned home along with the Rescue Riders.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Magnus built an improved Mechano-Dragon and was looking for someone to be rescued. He asked the whereabouts of Finngard. The boy waved to Magnus from the crowd, much to the man's annoyance.

Hypnotised by a Songwing

When Melodia came to Huttsgalor, looking to make humans sing along with her, Finngard was among the people she hypnotised. The little boy started singing and dancing, following the dragon everywhere. He was later freed alongside the rest of the villagers by Leyla, who managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Celebrating Odinyule

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Physical Appearance

Finngard is a small boy with blond hair, a light blue tunic, darker blue trousers, and brown boots. He wears a wide leather belt around his waist, and in his first appearance he wears a small silver Viking helmet with two tiny horns.


Finngard is often getting himself into dangerous situations, causing his mother much anxiety. When the Rescue Riders arrive in town, they're usually the ones to save him. Soon he's getting into trouble even more often because he wants to be saved by a dragon. He loves dragons so much he writes his own dragon book, and will sometimes hug the dragons in thanks to being rescued.


His Mother

He loves his mother very much, and is seen hugging her many times, and holding her hand. She, in turn, loves him equally with how nervous she gets whenever he gets himself in precarious situations.


Finngard loves all the dragons, but seems to have a special connection with Aggro, even though she's often irritated with him for putting himself in danger only so a dragon can rescue him.


Since Burple appears to frequently transport Finngard on 'rescue' missions to find him, he seems to have developed a particular fondness for him. Finngard will make sure to feed Burple rocks in thanks.



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  • Finngard is left handed.

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