Fighter Razorwhip is a Razorwhip who first appeared in "Stryke Out".


Fighting Toothless

Fighter Razorwhip was first seen in a cage when Hiccup and Snotlout entered a cave with trapped dragons. It was later along with the other fighter dragons when Hiccup woke up.

Later, it fought Toothless but lost when the Night Fury didn't kill it, but outsmarted it so that it ended up back in its cage. After Hiccup tamed Whip-Slash and Steeltrap, a few hunters brought the dragon inside and put a manacle tight on its tail. Hiccup tried to melt the manacle with the help of the other dragons but failed.

When the riders came to the rescue, Heather told Windshear to cut the manacle. After Toothless befriended the Triple Stryke, The Razorwhip destroyed the doors with its fire. Then, after Steeltrap attacked, it grabbed a hunter, threatened him and let him fall in front of the Triple Stryke. Then, the Razorwhip and the other dragons flew free to unknown location.

Physical Appearance

Fighter Razorwhip is gray but darker than Windshear. Its scales are not as shiny as a normal Razorwhip's, possibly due to the fact that it was not well taken care of for some time. It's body is covered in scars from battles. Its eyes are purple.


  • Strength and Combat: It had the ability to fight with Toothless for a little period.
  • Speed and Agility: It was able to avoid Toothless' plasma blast and fly and glide in a small arena.
  • Endurance and Stamina: This Razorwhip was able to get up quickly after Toothless got the dragon on the ground from flying.
  • Prehensile Tail: Like any other Razorwhip, Fighter Razorwhip has a prehensile tail. It was able to grab a viking and let him fall from the top of the arena.
  • Whip-like Tail: Fighter Razorwhip uses his tail like a whip to strike Toothless very quickly to the ground.
  • Intelligence: Fighter Razorwhip blinded Toothless with its bright flame and, before Toothless could react, it used its tail to slice his leg.



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