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When world makes out that I have a Night Fury, vikings will come from all over to see it at fight. [src]

The Fight Master appears only in the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode "Stryke Out". He is there shown to be the Master of the Arena, choosing which dragons fight, and when they fight in order to gain the maximum amount of profit.


Increasing visits to the Dragon Fight Arena

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event! Reigning champion, the Triple Stryke, versus the newcomer, the Night Fury! [src]

The Fight Master appears to be a Dragon Hunter or close associate thereof, that manages the Dragon Fighting Arena on an Unnamed Island whose name is not given. He serves as manager of both the people and dragons, as well as accountant and announcer. Business is flagging, however. Ryker Grimborn, who collects dues from him, brought him a Triple Stryke which has won every round with no challenges, so spectators were getting bored. The Fight Master's people captured Toothless and Hiccup. Due to the rarity and challenge brought by including a Night Fury in the fights, more crowds were drawn to the arena.

The Fight Master feels he has a good solution for Ryker to bring in more money. However, when Ryker witnesses Toothless enter the ring, he physically harasses the Fight Master, grabbing him around the neck and threatening him that the Night Fury had better survive the fights.

Ultimately, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders free Toothless, the Triple Stryke, and the other captured dragons. The Fight Master narrowly escapes being killed by the dragons and flees the arena, and presumably, off the island.

Physical Appearance

The Fight Master is the same model that most Dragon Hunter soldiers are. He has a bulbous nose, a clean-shaven head, a leather and metal helmet with a line of spikes down the center. He is more heavily built on the top portion of his body. He has green eyes. Like all the other Dragon Hunters, any hair he may have is not visible from under the helmet. However, when the captured dragons start attacking him, his helmet falls off, revealing a mostly bald head with a small patch of red hair at the back of his skull. It is unknown if this is a natural balding pattern or if he has shaved his head in common with the styles of many tribes of the Archaepelago.


This dragon fight is one for the ages! As Steeltrap takes a crushing brow to the head from the upstart, Whip-Slash!
Ah, Mr. Ryker sir! Always a pleasure to have you join us!
Mr. Ryker, we've done well together in our fighting enterprise but now, with your champion dragon, the fights are over before they start. No one will pay for a fight that ends in five minutes.
That's right, you smelly beasts! You know who the boss is!
Good. Then maybe he'll be useful. I've got a very special event planned for this dragon. Don't you worry, my friend, I'll let you watch.
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready! Tomorrow night, two new dragons enter the ring in a Battle Royale! Only one dragon will leave victorious. Will it be the Razorwhip or the Night Fury!
You keep it feisty. I like that.
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I bring you for the first time in the ring a Night Fury! Battling the most vicious dragon, this side of the Changewing Island, the Razorwhip!
To the victor goes the spoil.
I have a new challenger for the Triple Stryke, the most formidable opponent.
Do you want a riot on your hands? I don't stop anything. Listen to that crowd!
Now, for the final strike!



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