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Fiddlesticks is Hiccup's cat. He only appeared in How to Train Your Dragon.


New Arrival to the Haddock House

Hiccup brings home his new Hunting Dragon, Toothless, who is still in Winter hibernation for a few weeks. However, when Toothless awakens, he is very hungry and tried to eat things around the house, including Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks fears for his life.

Toothless: "Okay then, eat c-c-at." He made a lunge at Fiddlesticks, who streaked up the nearest wall with a yowl of terror. ...CATS ARE YUMMY WANT FOOD NOW!"
Hiccup: "... and you can't eat the cat - I like him." Fiddlesticks mewed indignantly from a beam high up in the roof.'"
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