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It's Huttsgalor's biggest celebration. So big, we only do it every four years. [src]

The Festival of Festivals is a celebration taking place every 4 years on the island of Huttsgalor.


In "Game of Horns", Duggard the Decisive blew the town's horn, announcing the opening of the Festival of Festivals. He read the events of the festival in front of the entire town and asked the people if they wanted to play the Game of Horns. Magnus Finke, Elbone, and Ottil volunteered, so Duggard announced the beginning of the Game of Horns and that the first event would take place the following day. With the help of the Rescue Riders, Duggard won the competition and reclaimed his title as Chief of Huttsgalor. Following his coronation, the town continued to celebrate the Festival of Festivals.


  • Parade of Heroes
  • Ceremonial Boat Painting
  • Feast of 100 Dishes
  • Dance of our Forefathers
  • Poetry Night
  • Game of Horns


  • The fact that the Festival of Festivals takes place only once every 4 years might mean that it takes place on leap years.
  • According to Duggard the Decisive in "Mecha-Menace", the Festival of Festivals takes place in August.

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