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Fenris is one of Ruffnut and Tuffnut's uncles, mentioned in the episode "King of Dragons, Part 2".


Remembered by Ruffnut and Tuffnut

Tuffnut: "Uncle Fenris, that's what. It must be him."
Dagur: "What are you talking about? What are they talking about?"
Tuffnut: "Well, our great-uncle on our mother's side."
Ruffnut: "Fenris Thorston."
Tuffnut: "Fenrisulfr Thorston, to be exact, went missing when we were kids. His name literally means "down below". "Fenris, Fenris, tall and fair, who did you let braid your hair?" That was the poem we youngsters used to recite to him. And Fenris would reply, "Hair. Mouth. Cheese of yak. Come, Sintar. Bring a melon."[src]

After discovering the location of the King of Dragons on Berserker Island, Tuffnut believes that his uncle Fenris is underneath the island. He then recites a poem he used to adress Fenris when he was a child. Astrid then cuts Tuffnut off, telling him that Fenris has nothing to do with their situation. Later, when Hiccup gets out of the cave, bringing the King of Dragons' egg, Tuffnut asks if Fenris helped him, and Hiccup simply replies "Sure, why not?", either to humor him or implying that he liked Tuffnut's story.

Physical Appearance

According to the rhyme that the twins recite, Fenris Thorston is tall and has light colored hair (presumably blond) which may or may not be braided.



  • Fenris, or Fenrir, is a giant wolf in the Norse Mythology, one of Loki's offspring.
  • It is still unknown whether or not Fenris ever really existed, as Astrid believed that the twins always “made up” family members.

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