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Feathers is a young female Featherhide and Alexandra Gonzalez's dragon in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms.

Official Description

Feathers is as beautiful and exotic as a jungle bird, but she only reveals her true colors to those she trusts. When she's not using her cloaking ability to become invisible, she is playful, funny, and brave.
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Encountering Humans

In Featherhide, Feathers followed Tom, Jun and D'Angelo back to ICARIS, using her camouflage to hide herself and watch what the humans were doing. She became more curious of Alex, and when the two noticed each other, at first, they were scared and terrified.

With Tom's help, Alex was able to offer her hand to Feathers, and she let her touch her nose, showing herself. After that, Alex and Feathers spent some time together, this helped both girls to bond with each other and to come out of their shells and become such good friends.

Physical Appearance

Feathers is a beautiful and exotic dragon, with a crown of feather-like scales on her head, big yellow eyes, long neck, long legs and a long tails with a tailfin of feather-like scales. Her legs have fins behind them, Feathers' wing are big and colorful and her scales are green and red, with the ends of her feather-like scales being yellow.


Like a small puppy, Feathers followed the humans back to ICARIS while she was cloaked, and became very curious of Alex. She snuck through an open window into Alex's dome in Rakke Town where she first encountered Alex. This resulted in the pair scaring each other. However with Tom's advice, Alex carefully reached out her hand and touched the shy Featherhide, as she uncloaked herself, trusting Alex.

When on their way from Rakke Town to the lair cave, Feathers saw Alex's mothers. She attempted to run over to them, thinking they were nice like her. Alex attempted to call Feathers back, knowing it was too dangerous for the dragon to be seen by other humans. The Featherhide sensed Alex's distress and returned to her, wanting to comfort and calm her down, something Alex came to realize.

Feathers is noticably braver than Alex and is very playful, affectionate and funny. But also very shy and she has a short attention span.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

  • Sonic Scream: Like the Thunderdrum, Feathers can unleash a Sonic Scream Blast which can disorient humans and dragons alike, even a powerful Fault Ripper dragon is sensitive to this scream.
  • Sound Mimicry: Feathers can perfectly mimic sounds (such as a microwave's ping), and even the voices of humans and dragons.


Alexandra Gonzalez

Feathers’s and Alex’s close bond.

Feathers was very curious about Alex, and followed her to her dome, gaining access through an open window. Feathers ran amok in her home out of fear of Alex and the other Dragon Riders and her new surroundings. Thanks to Tom's guidance, Alex was able to form a bond with her. Initially, Alex was very reluctant to do this, as when she was younger, a dog followed her in a similar manner to Feathers, only to bite her. However, through Tom's reassurance, Alex overcame her fear of Feathers, and bonded with her. Immediately upon seeing Feathers in her uncloaked form, Alex was awestruck by how beautiful she is and quickly formed a friendship with the dragon.

When both females were trying to get back to the dragons' lair cave, Feathers almost ran to Alex's mothers, who were trying to catch fireflies. However, she noticed that Alex was worried for her, and the dragon immediately returned back to Alex to comfort and calm her down, which made Alex realize that Feathers understands her feelings. When Carla and Hazel were getting closer, Feathers hid Alex under her wing in her camouflaged form so they wouldn't be seen. Luckily, they weren't caught, and Feathers and Alex's bond got stronger. They immediately became new members of the Dragon Club.

Tom Kullersen

Feathers was initially wary of Tom, which grew when the boy and D'Angelo tried to roughly catch the dragon when she was running loose inside Alex's home. Even when Tom tried to touch Feathers to bond with her, the dragon wouldn't trust him after he had tried to catch her. It wasn't until after Feathers bonded with Alex that the dragon opened up to Tom and the other members of the Dragon Club.

Jun Wong

D'Angelo Baker


Feathers was curious of Thunder as well, but didn't come to him. After everyone returned to their cave, Feathers popped out from her camouflage to lick Thunder's face and both dragons ran off playing.

Wu and Wei

She is shown to be quite playful when she trusted the Dragon Club; Wu and Wei included. She playfully jumped around the two-headed dragon without any fear.


After trusting the Dragon Club members and their dragons, Feathers no longer fears Plowhorn and has grown comfortable around the Gembreaker.



  • Feathers got her name due to her feather-like scales on her head and tail, which reminded Alex of the Mesoamerican myth of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.
  • Feathers is the first dragon in the Dreamworks Dragons canon to speak, but she is actually just mimicking Alex's sentences and not actual speech.
  • Strangely, when Feathers camouflages herself, her saddle disappears as well yet her rider remains visible.

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