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Fearsome Flamellion is a Fireworm that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Both Hrafnkel Ravenhood and Sif the Shrewd had failed in their first attempts to create a new form of Fireworm Queen for Viggo Grimborn’s Dragon Hunting army. Viggo punished them by locking them in a tower with a moat filled with starving bears. Knowing that they were both doomed to be fed to those bears if they didn’t deliver, the two Alchemists decided to put their heads together and combine their knowledge.

After a lengthy exchange of notes, the two Alchemists began their process, which went much faster with four hands than either of their solo attempts had gone. Sif used Hrafnkel’s mandrake roots in her Drottning distillation, which was then fed to a new Homunculus according to Hrafnkel’s formula. They attempted thirty-three versions of this, but only one of them survived to full term.

When the time was right, the Fearsome Flamellion was born. She exploded from the shell of the crumbling tower in a glorious fulmination of fire and brimstone. With a hideous shriek, she soared into the heavens towards liberty.

The Alchemists’ tower immediately crumbled. The bears fled in fear of their life, leaving the coast clear for Hrafnkel and Sif to make their escape. They escaped the island by stealing a Dragon Hunter rowboat and made their way to a remote corner of Breakback Bog. It is said they married and combined their Alchemical art to achieve the Philosopher’s Stone.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Fearsome Flamellion is bright red, with hexagonal patterns of black stripes. She has a dirty grey underbelly and horns. She has two glowing stripes going from her eyes to her tail, one of each side of her body. Her tongue is light purple and her eyes are orange.

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